The Convert2XBRL Taxonomy creator tool is a fully functional powerful tool to develop XBRL taxonomies

Convert2xbrl Taxonomy creator software is widely used by regulators in the world to developed and maintain taxonomy. Convert2xbrl Taxonomy creator has functionality to create, update, validate and export taxonomy. Unique feature of Convert2xbrl taxonomy creator is that any user can create taxonomy element and its property in excel spreadsheet and directly create taxonomy through taxonomy creator.

Convert2xbrl Taxonomy creator tool is being used to create taxonomies for Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE Ltd), Institute of Chartered accountant of India to develop IND AS taxonomy and Institute of Cost Accountants of India to validate the Costing taxonomy.


Here are the Conversion Services Features provided by microvista technologies in Convert2xbrl software.

Creation / Editing of Taxonomy

  • Creating all the elements and its properties
  • Creating extended link roles, Label and references
  • Facility to uploaded Excel and generate taxonomy
  • Facility to create and update folder structure of schema
  • Facility to create multi language labels
  • Facility to create and edit formula linkbase


  • Facility to validate the taxonomy with XBRL International specification
  • Validation with Instance document

View / Export

  • Viewing taxonomy elements and properties
  • Facility to view all the link bases of taxonomy
  • Exporting taxonomy in the excel spread sheet
  • Custom report generation

Other Features

  • Support for XBRL 2.1, XBRL Dimensions, and XBRL Table Linkbase
  • XBRL Formula Link base
  • XBRL taxonomy documentation generation
  • Version maintenance


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