e-Invoicing Software in Mauritius

Get LHDN E-Invoicing Compliant with Microvista e-Invoicing Software
Microvista e-Invoicing software seamlessly aligns with LHDN's guidelines and is aimed at making your e-Invoicing implementation a breeze. As Mauritius's most sought-after solution, we ensure effortless compliance.

Electronic Invoicing Model in Mauritius

MyInvois Portal Hosted by IRBM:

Accessible to all taxpayers. Ideal for Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises. Less efficient for handling large data volumes.

Application Programming Interface (API):

Requires initial technology investment and system adjustments. Ideal for large taxpayers and businesses with significant transaction volumes

Why Microvista for e-Invoicing ?

Seamless Integration

Microvista e-Invoicing solution integrates directly with ERP & Accouting systems without modifying current processes as per Mauritius Tax Authorities Guidline.

Robust Validations

Microvista e-Invoicing solution ensures pre-validation before generation of e-invoices to ensures accuracy of e-Invoice generation.

100% Compliant Solution

Microvista e-Invoicing solutions ensures compliance with the latest tax and invoicing regulations as per Mauritius Tax Authorities GuideLine.

Anytime - Anywhere Access

Cloud Based solution. You have multiple branches / offices! No Problem. You can work from anywhere and anytime on your existing system without any installation or software.

Dedicated Customer Support

Microvista provides dedicated customer support & guidance, and continuous assistance throughout e-invoicing journey.

High scalability & Security

Microvista e-Invoicing solutions process Millions of documents in one go and without any errors. Our servers are highly secured and on auto scale as per volume encountered.

e-Invoice generation process through PowerGST


Frequently ask Questions

Want to ask something on e-Invoicing in Mauritius?

As of my last update, there may not be a mandatory requirement for e-Invoicing in Mauritius. However, businesses should stay informed about any updates or regulations issued by the relevant authorities.

While it may not be mandatory, voluntary adoption of e-Invoicing can bring benefits such as increased efficiency, reduced errors, and streamlined invoicing processes.

If e-Invoicing becomes a recommended or required practice, businesses can transition by selecting a certified e-Invoicing solution, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, and implementing necessary changes to internal processes.

If e-Invoicing is regulated, businesses may need to adhere to specific standards. Checking with the Mauritius Revenue Authority or relevant regulatory bodies can provide details on the standards to be followed.

Governments often provide support or incentives to encourage e-Invoicing adoption. Checking with authorities or government announcements can provide information on any support programs.

If e-Invoicing becomes mandatory, there might be penalties for non-compliance. Understanding the regulatory framework and staying informed is crucial to avoid any potential penalties.

Implementing secure e-Invoicing solutions and following best practices for data security is essential. Businesses should choose reputable service providers and stay informed about security measures.


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